What we do

We are a not-for-profit community based organisation who aim to empower people to thrive through optimal physical and mental health.


  • We deliver community based mental health services through provision of regular places to meet and connect.
  • We engage in activities to promote and support exercise and community connections as a way to improve health outcomes for people living with mental health concerns.


  • We promote mental health and improve public awareness of mental disease, so that people have greater knowledge, feel safe to talk openly about their issues and are supported to ask for help when they need to.
  • We promote improved mental health outcomes for the Australian community, including through early intervention and prevention programs.


  • We build capacity for people experiencing mental health distress to share their knowledge and experience with the wider community.
  • We raise awareness of the need to conduct research into the causes of mental health illnesses and identify preventative actions and management solutions for mental health.